Why The Herb doesn’t judge people on what they eat.

Hello again ,
It’s occured to me this morning as I was eating breakfast (Cookie Crisp is suitable for Herbivores everywhere) that Carnie has explained his approach to food and I haven’t. I thought I would explain why I don’t judge people on what they eat, or preach about veganism either.

Vegans, as a generalisation, get a lot of flack these days for being preachy, up themselves and militant about other peoples food choices. There are a small number of folks, who are like this, but a lot of Herbivores aren’t.

I chose to be vegan after watching a programme about how cattle are reared and the BSE scare in the UK way back in the 1990’s. At the time, I was mostly eating vegetarian cuisine, sometimes having meat or poultry. Something inside my head clicked, and all of a sudden I didn’t want to have dairy or eggs either. It wasn’t horrendous footage by any means, but the lack of respect for the animal really did get to me.

It was a struggle at first, and there was some slips, but it became the norm and I learnt so much about checking labels and what products are likely to have animal derived products that I am pretty good at guessing what will be in certain things. This as you can imagine, makes supermarket trips extra fun.

I don’t expect people to make special effort for me if I am heading to a large party, and at the same time I don’t expect aggravation or questions for the sake of trying to annoy me. If people have serious questions, then that’s okay of course.

Just as you can’t judge people based on their background or bad habits, I don’t judge people on what they eat; or get offended when someone is eating meat around me. I feel that showing non-herbivores how delicious and exciting vegan food can be is much more effective at getting them to try it out, rather than ranting about how they are murders and should be ashamed. We are all human after all, and do the best that we can.
Living a compassionate life, not only to animals, but to other people too is one of the most important things to me. So remember, if you meet a Carnivore, Herbivore or someone with any other dietry needs, don’t judge based on food choices, but who they are as a person instead.

Love always,
The Herb

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