violife cheese slices review

The Herbs take:

I admit, cheese used to be one of my favourite foods. On toast, grated on top of pasta and sometimes I even used to cut it into matchsticks and scoff it.

So Violife cheese has been around for a while. Without melting it, it’s excellent for having on a sandwich (or sneaking slices out of the packet when Carnie isn’t looking) but when faced with a direct heat under a grill, it can go a little plastic in texture.

Having said that, Carnie has nailed how to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, so it can sometimes be used for melting.

The flavour on it’s own is pretty convincing, but honestly, you don’t have that stringy texture when you pull it apart.

With Herbivore friendly cheese alternatives, I think we’ll need to try more and perhaps have a different one we use depending on what we want.

A good alternative, but not an all-rounder for replacing cheese.


Carnies take:

If there is one thing that I find it almost impossible to replicate with plant based ingredients, it would be cheese.

Almost every product falls down in some way, whether it be texture, taste or look.

However, it does seem that, while one type of vegan cheese may not be as versatile as a block of cheddar, they each seem to fit into a nich when it comes to use.

The Violife Cheese slices are actually really good when grilled on a cheese toasty, and the block of Violife cheese (when grated) mixed into a cheese and potato pie, actually does provide almost the exact flavours you would expect.

I would definitely encourage people to experiment and find their own preferences, but it is possible to replace cheese if you try.


Overall Rating: