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Although the Buddha once said, “I practice not harming or killing sentient beings,” and even becoming a vegetarian over the years, Buddhism does not dictate vegetarianism. Since it is not a religious religion, but merely a religion of knowledge, the conversion of nutrition should be done by insight and not by prohibitions or regulations. But many Vietnamese now eat vegan food for religious reasons, for example, so we have set ourselves the task of filling the gap in culinary vegan cuisine on an Asian basis.
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The Herb

The Herb

Inside, the decor is sleek, calming and very Instagram worthy. There is also a number of large pieces of artwork. I’m talking full wall covered. It was beautiful and so relaxing after a busy day sightseeing. Lots of lovely plants about too, which for a garden nerd like me was heaven. I didn’t get any pictures, which I regret now but the chairs looked like the tree of life. And benches with comfy cushions scattered around meant that it was a very cosy and zen atmosphere.There are many choices here if you are a herbivore. There are a lot of drinks available, from hot teas and coffee to cocktails and homemade soft drinks. We were off out later on, so stuck to soft drinks with the heat. 

The Ginger Soda really did steal the show here. With Lime, Lemongrass, Ginger and hint of fizz this was the most refreshing summertime drink a girl could wish for. Wonderful, especially as I had been a little sunburnt the day or so before. We did both keep drinking each others though. Share and share alike.

Now on to the starters.

We had two starters, although it was so hard to decide what to have. There honestly is a lot of choice, but we managed it in the end. The Goi Cuon, unbaked summer rolls with a mixture of seasoned vegetable and tofu wrapped in rice paper along with the peanut sauce they were served with was delicious, although the texture of the rice paper took a little getting used to, it was firmer than when they are steamed. I had only had rolls like these fried until they are crispy, but this was a completely different experience. And you know I do love an adventure.

The second starter, the Bahn Bao was wonderful too. Mushrooms, beans and vegetable filled these. The thing I liked most was that these were served in one of those bamboo racks, and when you lifted the lid there was the most magnificent plume of steam. The buns themselves were fluffy and delicious, if you have never tried a Bao bun, I suggest you rectify that immediately.

As for me, you know how much I love Udon Noodles right? When I saw that the Banh Canh Hap had invited Udon to the party there was no contest. They were steamed and served alongside vegetables, tofu and seitan with a sweet soy sauce to drizzle over. The presentation of both mains was impeccable (Look at all that colour ) and really was delectable. Again, my vegetables were cooked perfectly, and I am now drooling remembering how delicious everything was.

All in all, this was definitely a memorable meal (I am actually writing this months after we actually went, and I can still remember vividly every single bite) I can’t wait until we head back to Germany and go back again! If you are ever in the area then SOY Berlin is definitely a place you should try, even if you aren’t a herbivore.





This was my first experience of an actual Vegan restaurant, and as I had only known The Herb for a few months, was still not entirely sold on Vegan cuisine (How times have changed!).

I am a big fan of Thai, Chinese and Japanese food, so was happy to try Vietnamese and see what interesting foods were available. This was a great choice and really opened my eyes to Vegan food in a big way.

The starters were beautifully crafted and had great flavour, although I was not a great fan of the texture of the rice paper on the Goi Cuon, as they were a bit gelatinous. The Bao were light fluffy and packed with a great tasting filling.

As I love a good Thai Curry, I decided to try the Cari, and it was one of the most amazing coconut curries I have ever had the balance of flavours was so well done and one that I doubt will be matched anywhere else.

For a first experience of Vegan food, this is it “Done right”. At no time did I feel anything was missing from the food, and the overall experience was one of adventure and fulfillment that I have yet to find anywhere else.

Without a doubt, SOY-Berlin is one of my top 5 restaurants of all time, and definitely one for a repeat visit whenever possible.