The Herbs take:

It used to be less than a year ago, that nipping to the supermarket to get a chocolate fix when dairy-free was somewhat of a nightmare.

Finally, Sainsbury's released a new range of dairy-free chocolate. They come in a range of sizes and flavours, so you can easily get your chocolate and they are reasonably priced too. They aren't a big brand standard by any means, and tend to taste a little like cheaper chocolate coins when you first try them.

My favourite has to be the small orange flavoured bar. I used to detest orange and chocolate together, but no longer. This bar is creamy and chocolatey, without being too sweet and the hint of orange tastes like sherbert. It's not over-powering too which is nice.

The best thing is, that you can even use this for melting as you would with standard chocolate. Look out for a chocolate fondue recipe in the future.


Overall Rating:


Carnies take:

If you are a high-brow connoisseur of chocolate, then I very much doubt any of the vegan offerings will fully satisfy you. Good job I'm more of a low-brow connoisseur!

Flavour-wise, the milk and dark chocolate is very much chocolate and has a fairly pleasant cocoa aftertaste. The orange bar is almost identical to Terrys Chocolate Orange.

The only let down, as The Herb has mentioned, is that they all feel like cheaper chocolate, and have that grainy texture you would expect from such.

If you simply want chocolate, these are great, and many other supermarket own brands are coming out now.

Satisfying and chocolatey.