All Recipes are Meat, Dairy and Egg free. Whilst they are vegan, they can be enjoyed by everyone!

All Recipes are Meat, Dairy and Egg free. Whilst they are vegan, they can be enjoyed by everyone!

Carnie's Roast Beast

Roast Dinners are an institution in the UK, but nut roasts are usually all that's offered to non-meat eaters. Carnie made a delicious Seitan Roast Beast and we urge you to try it out!

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The Herb's Smokey Mushroom Stroganoff

We love mushrooms and we love smoked paprika. What could be better than combining the two for a delicious dairy-free take on a classic?

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Carnie’s Ravishing Ratatouille

When it's cold out, you need food that not only satisfies your hunger but one that also provides comfort and warmth. Carnie's Ravishing Ratatouille surely hits the spot.

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The Herb's Spicy Peanut Soup

There's a chill in the air, so get cosy and warm with my deliciously spicy peanut soup. You can even add extra veggies to make a tasty Thai red curry!

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Carnie’s Seitan Wonder Burgers

Barbeque's are great, but sometimes the offerings for Herbivores can be a little lacklustre. Try out Carnie's Seitan Wonder Burgers for the next time you get the grill out, we promise you'll love them as much as we do.

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Carnie’s Sunday Dinner Ramen

We love Ramen, and as such, we are always playing with the recipe to see what new and exciting flavours we can make. One of our ideas, when making Christmas dinner, was a traditional British Sunday Dinner Ramen. Crispy roast potatoes, sweet roasted parsnips, salt-boiled veggies, fried leeks, good old stuffing and lovely English Mustard and Onion gravy broth combine to make a truly unique take on the Sunday Dinner you may all know and love.

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The Herbs Chocolate Cake

It's so easy to make dairy and egg free cake, that is not only suitable for diets without these products but is also delicious and moist too. My special chocolate cake is perfect for chocoholics, whether it be for a special occasion or just afternoon tea.

You'll find that most of these ingredients are close at hand, and if not you can get them at any supermarket. Try baking it today, you won't be disappointed.

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Carnie’s Black Forest Bread and Butter Pudding

Perfect for colder weather, my Black Forest bread and butter pudding is sure to warm you up. It's chocolatey, comforting, and that cherry hit is something dropped down from heaven.

This pud is ambrosia to me, and I hope you enjoy it.
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Herb's Chocolate Truffles

A perfect gift for you or your loved ones, these truffles are chocolaty, right and oh so moreish.

Best of all they only use a few simple ingredients, and look super fancy.

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Herb's Pumpkin Spice Risotto

A wonderfully comforting dinner which is not as hard as it seems, my curried pumpkin risotto is sure to impress and please your tastebuds.

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Herb's Seitan Kofta

Sometimes only junk food will do and this Seitan Kofta does not disappoint.

Impress carnivore's and herbivore's alike with it's meaty texture and flavour packed chunks. It's sure to satisfy those junk food cravings.

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Herb's Sweet potato & smoked paprika risotto

Indulge in this comforting, warming Risotto which is smoky and sweet.

The sweet potato adds a lovely change in texture, which, when paired with the perfectly cooked risotto will satisfy your hunger.

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Herb's Refried Beans

These beans are perfect for having with Mexican food of course. From Burritos to Enchiladas or even some plain old chips and dip they are a delicious way to get some extra vegetable servings into your day. (Did you know that many beans are full of protein, and also counted as vegetables! )

They won't get any prizes for beauty, but taste, yes indeed.

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Herb's Edamame, Asparagus and Mint Risotto

I've switched out the peas in this risotto for Edamame beans. You can get shelled edamame from many places now, even supermarkets have them. They are super handy to have on hand. They are delicious just with a bit of salt and pepper. My Edamame, Asparagus and Mint Risotto is fresh, simple and delicious. This recipe makes enough for two at a simple supper.

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Carnie's Green Lentil Bolognese

Perfect for a mid-week dinner without breaking the bank, this simple green lentil bolognese is sure to satisfy even the most seasoned carnivore. The tomato sauce is mouth-watering and delicious.

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Carnie's Tofu Katsu

Crispy, delicious and completely meat free, this tofu katsu is a treat for anytime.

When done right, tofu can be flavourful and firm. Find out how to make this dish with a little help from Carnie.

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Carnie's Ramen style noodle bowl

Warming miso soup, soft noodles and special toppings this noodle bowl is a perfect dinner.

Although it looks complicated, it's simple when you know how. Make this with some help from Carnie, you won't be disappointed.

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Herb's Mushroom Risotto

Making a risotto may seem difficult, but The Herb has got your back. Using this recipe, you to can make a delicious mushroom risotto that will impress your loved ones as well as your tastebuds.

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Herb's Lentil Chickpea Curry

This red lentil and chickpea curry is not only quick and easy to make, it's also really tasty. Perfect for a mid-week meal that won't break the bank I guarantee you'll be coming back for seconds with this bad boy. I have recently perfected this recipe, with the addition of the chickpeas it added more texture and flavour.

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Herb's Creamy mushroom pasta

Just because you aren't having dairy, doesn't mean you can't enjoy creamy pasta.

Using dairy free cream, and egg free pasta this sauce is sure to delight.

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Carnie's Garlic Ciabatta

Making your own Garlic Ciabatta means that you can add a bit of heat using chili flakes just as Carnie has done in this recipe.

All you need for this beauty is some crusty bread, your favourite dairy free spread and some simple herbs and spices.

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Carnie's cheese and potato pie

With fluffy, buttery mash and a cheese hit, you use dairy free cheese to create this wonderful dish.

Perfect for those days when you want a bit of comfort food, it's quick and easy to create yourself.

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Herb's Baked Tofu

If you have never had baked tofu, then you haven't lived.

Baking your tofu helps to change the texture, and marinating beforehand adds delicious savoury flavours.

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Herb's Sunday Pancakes

This pancake recipe without eggs or milk is perfect for those weekends when you want to treat yourself.

Wonderful drenched in syrup, and with some freshly squeezed orange juice.

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Herb's Breaded Seitan chicken fingers

Crispy chicken style seitan really curbs those junk food cravings like nothing else.

Serve with your favourite condiments, and french fries.

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Herb's Watermelon Cookies

This simple sugar cookie recipe is made more fun with the addition of chocolate chips and a little food colouring.

These are sure to spark the imagination with adults and children alike.

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Herb's Seitan Donner Kebab

Sometimes only a kebab will do. You can now make this seitan kebab for a meat free treat.

All of the enjoyment, without any of the guilt.

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Herb's Seitan Chicken Nuggets

Seitan is one of the most versatile products you can have in your kitchen. Using different herbs, spices and flavourings you can make anything your heart desires.

These meat-free chicken style nuggets are a great addition to any meal. They are sure to please.

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Herb's Falafel Bites

Why buy falafel that disappoint, when you can easily make your own?

These simple and easy falafel, are packed full of flavour thanks to the herbs and spices and are shallow fried for a soft and yet crispy texture.

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Herb's Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Creamy, chocolaty and packed full of peanut flavours this cheesecake is sure to tickle your tastebuds.

Simpler to make than you think, it tastes just like a peanut butter cup.

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