quorn vegan smoky ham slices review
quorn vegan chicken slices review

The Herbs take:

When Quorn announced a new Vegan range of products, I quickly became excited and dragged Carnie out to help me find them. We have been searching for a while now, and managed to get our paws on them.

At first glance, these slices don’t look very appetising. But don’t let that put you off.

To me, the texture was a little foamy and soft, but for a sandwich slice they hold up surpisingly well.

The ham style was pretty tasty. It had more of the smoked flavour with a hint of meatiness, but I did enjoy eating it.

The chicken style went above and beyond what I expected. Fellow Herbivores, it¬†actually¬†tasted like chicken. I haven’t had chicken for a while, but this brought those memories back. Carnie confirmed that the flavour, although not the texture, was very convincing.

The flavours overall were excellent, and if you approach these with the idea that they are meant to be the Luncheon meat style then you will love them!


Overall Rating:


Carnies take:

I am a big fan of delicatessen meats, antipasto and mezze, so I really have tried almost all of the cooked or cured meats that are available today.

Although I have had genuine Proscuitto, and some of the finest Bavarian smoked meats you could imagine, I always remember where it all started and that was in my grandparents fridge, and my grandfathers pork luncheon meat in particular. It was a very cheap, reconstituted meat slice, that had god only knows what in it, but it was something I enjoyed sneaking our of the fridge and eating.

The “Ham” slices from Quorn definitely remind me of that both in texture and taste. This is going to be down to personal preference, but i can see it being very easy to consume on a sandwich with some saled, and being almost indistinguishable from luncheon meat.

The same can be said of the “Chicken” slices, which very much remind me of the reconstituted chicken-roll you can get (similar low grade meat slice, like luncheon meat).

Whilst these slices are not emulating the more desirable meat slices, they are fulfilling their duty admirably and are not offensive in taste or texture.