chocolate oatly review

The Herbs take:

I love this milk! It’s chocolatey without being sickly, and it tastes exactly like coco pops.

This is sold as a stand alone chocolate drink, but I sometimes use it in my coffee or porridge to get a hint of sweet chocolate.

It can be a little heavy, so it’s not as refreshing as some milks I have tried. But in it’s own right it’s simply wonderful.

I would heartily recommend this, even if it’s for the nostalgia of those days when you had Coco Pops.


Carnies take:

My all time favourite milkshake flavour is chocolate, so I knew my review of Oatly Chocolate Milk was going to be biased to dairy based products; However, this is one of the best flavoured milkshakes I have ever tasted.

It has a creamy consistency, with a light chocolate taste and is very satisfying as a stand-alone drink.

You don’t get as much heaviness as you do with dairy, which actually makes this very drinkable, and better to have with food.


Overall Rating: