Doughnotts STORY

In 2015 Megan Scaddan and Wade Smith decided to start making and selling Doughnuts, starting in Nottingham with just £10 a Wok and a Mothers kitchen. Since starting they have opened multiple stores, stock wholesale, do events, have a bakery in Nottingham and sell over 10,000 doughnuts a week. Originally called The Nottingham Doughnut Co.
(Text from Doughnotts Facebook page)

The Herb

The Herb

The recent talk of the town has been that the delightful Doughnotts has put down roots on my favourite street Sadler Gate. I actually saw this news on one late shift at work, feeling a tad grumpy on my break I spotted an announcement. And that they did vegan doughnuts. Well, I needed to have them. It’s been so long since I had a fancy pants doughnut, I even got up at 6am on my day off to get some.

First up, the decor is divine in here. Fresh and clean, keeping the original features and having bright splashes here and there was so cute. And they have those Industrial lampshades that I seem to be obsessed with right now. There is a cafe upstairs too, we didn’t have time to check that out though. Next time though.

I’d be fibbing if I said that the counter wasn’t the first thing I noticed. And I guess that’s the point right? All of the vegan options were clearly labelled, and boy oh boy was there choices! There are always new flavours available too. You can really see the thought that goes into each and every one, they really are made with love and care.

There is so much choice for your doughnut if you are dairy and/or egg free here.I was in heaven and slightly overwhelmed. I haven’t had this much choice (I’ve had no choice since going vegan) in doughnuts. My eyes didn’t know where to look first. And they all look so pretty. 

So now, on to the important part. The goods. I picked out three, chocolate and cherry, peanut butter and jelly and a sweet little cinnamon roll. 

I’m not ashamed when I tell you, I ate two of these in one day. In a matter of hours in fact. I had such a hard decision about which to eat first. The doughnuts were soft and fluffy, and the filled ones had just the right amount. Pair that with the sweet frosting and you’re on to a winner. The chocolate cherry was delicious, but I would want a stronger cherry flavour from the jam. I am a huge fan of cherries though (hands down, my favourite fruit) but the winner was the peanut butter and jelly for me. Even Carnie, who isn’t a fan of peanut butter agreed that the topping was perfection. It had been sweetened so didn’t have that dryness that you get with peanut butter. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m on about. Go eat a spoon of peanut butter and you will.

The cinnamon roll I had with my morning coffee the next day. Sometimes, there is too much glaze on a cinnamon roll, I want to taste my cinnamon for goodness sake but this wasn’t the case here. There was the right balance between sweet and spice here. 

If you haven’t already, or if you’re ever in Nottingham or Derby, go to Doughnotts and have a treat. You’ll probably see me in there stuffing my trap with deliciousness.



The first I had heard of Doughnotts was a frantic and excited Herb waking me up telling me that there was a doughnut shop in Derby selling Vegan doughnuts and that we needed to go now, as they had queues up the street and sold out on their first day.

To say I wasn’t impressed was an understatement, but as it is rare for something most people take for granted to be available for Vegans, we headed out to find the store and buy some doughnuts.

The store is very trendy, with bare brick, and simple decor that goes well with the rainbow of colours shown in the cornucopia that is their glass-fronted display case. For those in doubt, there is so much more imagination and creativity at Doughnotts than any other bakery I have seen.

With both Vegan and Non-Vegan options, this is definitely a place for everyone.

Whilst the doughnuts are not cheap, you are paying for quality and experience that you just cannot get anywhere else. KrispyKreme is only marginally cheaper, but does not have the breadth of flavour or freshness that only comes from an artisan bakery like Doughnotts.

My favourite was a Fererro Rocher doughnut which had an amazingly chocolatey filling, and was just bordering on too sweet, but not quite. A very fine line to tread, which Doughnotts manages perfectly.

If you are looking for a very indulgent treat, this is where you find it. Treat yourself and you will not be disappointed!