Carnies take on plant-based cooking

Hi all,

Today I want to address my interest in plant-based cooking.

A year ago, I had just met The Herb, and like most Carnivores, had very little exposure to meat and dairy free foods, other than side dishes. After spending the past year learning new and interesting ways to cook, I have realised that I was missing out on so much that the culinary world had to offer.

Learning to cook a meal for two, without the use of some of my staple ingredients, such as butter and meat, seemed like a daunting challenge. However, once The Herb began teaching me about substitutes, I found a whole new world of tastes and experiences that really have changed the way I approach my cooking.

Swapping mince for lentils and beans in a chilli, focusing more on the vegetables in a dish rather than the meat, and, of course, learning to make bold new creations using seitan; all of this has drastically improved my use of flavour and seasoning to create dishes that have left me astonished that they are vegan.

I have reduced my meat and dairy intake by about 80% over the past year, and I honestly do feel healthier, as well as more fulfilled in my cooking.

I would suggest to my fellow carnivores to try some of the recipes we have here on the site, and maybe try some simple substitutions in your diet (Vitalite is an EXCELLENT replacement for butter!). The health benefits are proven and it will open you up to new experiences, which is a great combination.

We will be putting up product reviews soon, which should give you a great idea of what free-from alternatives are available, as well as the take from both myself and The Herbs perspectives.

In the meantime, if you have had any good experiences with our recipes, please let us know by emailing us at:

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