Introducing Carluccio’s

When we opened the first Carluccio’s caffè our aim was to provide great quality, authentic Italian food at sensible prices. We also wanted to allow informal but excellent service to our customers. The aim remains the same today.

We do our best to create a memorable experience in a happy bustling environment.

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The Herb

The Herb

The best thing about Carluccio’s for me was how accommodating and helpful the staff were. Not only did I not feel judged, or that I was a pain to cater for; but I felt so welcomed and happy here.

We decided to share a Mezze board for our starter here. The stuffed peppers were sweet and well seasoned, and the green beans were cooked in garlic and very tasty too. I also really loved the caramelised onions as they offered a sweetness that really complimented the rest of the dish.

The potatoes came with the pesto separate, so that I could still share it with Carnie, and all of the staff made suggestions about changes they could make to the dishes so that I could eat them.

My mushroom risotto was divine, perfectly cooked, and with a herby finish which I really enjoyed. Instead of butter, the chef had finished it with a swirl of olive oil which was very tasty indeed.

To finish, a tart lemon sorbet really cleansed my palate and came with a sweet vanilla wafer too.

All in all an excellent experience, the ambiance was lovely, the food wonderfully tasty and the staff really were so helpful. I didn’t ever feel awkward here, so I imagine that the staff have had extensive training on how to help people with any dietary requirements. It really does show, so I hope this is setting a precedent on how everyone can be expected to be treated in the future.



I’d never tried Carluccio’s before, and would definitely say it is now one of my favourite chain restaurants.

The food is excellent and the staff were very accommodating and knowledgeable.

As The Herb mentioned, we shared a platter of starters, which had been separated so we could both try everything, which was a very thoughtful touch. The starters were expertly prepared and in the right amounts for warming up an appetite.

I had the Chicken Saltimbocca for main course, which was tender and very tasty. The potatoes that were served as an accompaniment were perfectly cooked (crispy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside).

I finished off with a Tiramisu, which is undoubtedly my favourite Italian dessert. It was light, but substantial, with a great coffee flavour and just enough sweetness to satisfy and not be sickly.

The one outstanding aspect of this meal was the customer service and how both me and The Herb were treated as equals, with every care taken to make this a great experience for us.

It is sad to hear that Antonio Carluccio passed away in November 2017, but if this restaurant is anything to go by, his legacy is not just good food, it is great service and one of the best dining experiences in a chain restaurant available today.