Our Story

We met in January 2017, and since then, we have had a whirlwind of romance and culinary delights! When we stopped and looked back on our first year together, we realised there was a lot of food related experiences and that this could be useful information for anyone in our position of having to consider a partners diet, when cooking at home, or looking at restaurants or when doing the weekly shop.

Hopefully you will get as much out of our experiences as we did!

Our Belief

We’re both massive food lovers, and believe that no matter what you do or don’t eat, you deserve to have delicious food.

We decided to share our favourite recipes, places to eat and what food we buy love to buy from the supermarket.

Who are we?

Meet the people behind CarnieandtheHerb.com



Food loving, IT nerd and Gamer

My Mom got me into cooking when I was younger, and since then I have expanded my repertoire to cover everything from Fine-dining to Dirty Junk-food.

When not cooking, I play games on my PS4, and work in Financial Software.

Fun Fact: I was a hipster, before it was even a thing, let alone cool!

The Herb

The Herb

Vintage Veggie Pin-up

Due to my specialist dietary needs, it’s much easier for me to cook rather than rely on convenience foods. It’s a good job I enjoy cooking so much!

When not cooking or eating, I blog about vintage style and craft tutorials and I work in Social Media and Digital Marketing.

Fun Fact: I can fit my whole hand in my mouth, as I can dislocate my jaw! It’s really handy when I am eating Carnie’s delicious food.



The Cat

She may look cute, but don’t be fooled… she’s judging your poor life choices.

She’s honestly a sweetheart, especially when she wants some treats. Definitely a little carnivore!

Fun Fact: She was the runt of the litter, and is still small. But she is the badass of the neighbourhood chasing away all of the other cats.

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